Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Joke Gone Horribly Wrong

I'm finally trying to sell this terrifying collection of "Smiley" figurines aka The Friends of the Nurse or FOTH that have been living in my house for far too long. This whole thing started with THE NURSE back in SF about 15 years ago, and as is bound to happen, as soon you have a collection, and/or talk about it too much, people start buying you items to 'help' add to your collection.

I found about 75% of these crazy little people in various thrift stores for a couple bucks, but also had contributions from far and wide when people would send them to me randomly. The bad part was when visitors used to come to my house for the first time, and I had to explain what in the fuck these things actually WERE, and suddenly, it wasn't so funny and um, 'ironic' anymore. I was becoming a crazy ol' lady way before I should have been (currently see: me and gardening). Four shelves of these were downright weird. I hid most of them away in boxes a few years ago, while keeping my favorite 8 (The Great Eight) for posterity.

Twenty-six of these babies are for sale for $250 on Craigslist*. I'm hoping someone will purchase them to put in their bar or whatever as a group. That way, when the first one comes alive, there will be a whole army to follow and kill you in your sleep. Discount for my readers!

*cat not included.

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