Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And Why Should Studio B Be Rewarded?

The Community Board meeting tonight in reference to blocking Studio B's cabaret license went well for us, I think. After an hour of tribute including an appearance by Marty Markowitz to the CB1 president Vincent Abate on his 90th (!) birthday, six (correx 7/16: FIVE) of us had our say to the Board on the problems with Studio B, and why they should not be given the cabaret license. The not so good news was they have Ken Fisher, a former city councilman now lobbying for them and acting as their legal council. It suddenly makes a little more sense as to why every violation up to this point was ignored by the city. I do wish someone could explain why they have been allowed to operate as a dance club for over TWO YEARS under the Studio B name without a cabaret license. And, more importantly, why exactly they should now be awarded one after 'suddenly' deciding to go legit after breaking every law they possibly could, and adding nothing of value to Greenpoint. And by suddenly I mean: lots of bad press and angry neighbors. Unreal.

Although I am the worst public speaker ever, another 10-15 neighbors or so were there to show support. It was great to see, and having Ms. Julia contribute her past experiences with community organizing was a real plus. Thanks, J. You gave me some faith.

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