Friday, October 28, 2005

Eatin' Out: Swizz

53rd Street @ 8th Avenue
I went here one night before a play, totally fired up thinking I would get fondue for one as part of the pre-theater prix fixe on their website: salad, fondue, sorbet for $24.95 – my perfect dinner! Alas, it was false advertising. Disappointed, I stayed anyway and had the raclette (essentially, cheese melted in a dish with potatoes and gherkins on the side) and a Caesar salad, and both were very mediocre. They had a crap wine list to boot. Yellowtail for $8 a glass does not a wine list make. The whole place had a cheap, reaching-for-a-french-vibe-but-missing-the-mark quality to it.

This restaurant also hit on two of my pet peeves –
1) I get more and more annoyed with places that serve dishes “for 2”. If I want fondue by myself, I shouldn’t have to pay 34 bucks. And why do I have to be TWO to eat something? (see: trying to get grilled-at-the-table meats at the Korean BBQ joints on 32nd)
2) Asking me if I want fresh pepper while carting around a GIANT pepper grinder. Hasn’t cusine come far enough now that every table can be trusted to have it’s own grinder?? I don’t need an annoying waiter doling out my pepper.

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