Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's All About Me.

Can't a woman just have a beer in her garden in peace?

I, seriously, can't believe that Ken Fisher's argument is that it's not their problem to police their patrons. Hmm. No one causing the problems would even be in the area (check out how many reviews call it "in the middle of nowhere) without the shows happening at Studio B. Thus, they are your responsibility. Three security guards is a laugh. There may be three, but I have never seen a single one of those guys walk further than 5 feet away from the front door. The problems are around the corner, where patrons are shooed to smoke, take a piss and drink BYO open containers.

I guess all those press releases, BBQ announcements, and blog postings (check the last paragraph!) about people being on the "roof" of the B are just "allegations."

I'm not sure when everyone forgot that besides operating with the lack of a cabaret license for over two years, the whole second floor still doesn't have a Certificate of Occupancy, a Public Assembly permit, or a fire plan. Period. And no one cares enough to just shut that part of the club down.

This two day party ought to be fun for all. At least I'll be out of town.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Fifty-three year old Donald Ray Pollock's debut collection of short stories, Knockemstiff, is for you fans of Harry Crews or Chris Offutt, and it's deadly. The stories semi-intersect in small community in Southern Ohio about 75 miles southeast of my hometown and run along that rough country line that veers on disturbing. With 18 stories in 200 pages, and a couple hours straight through before bed, the images dug in my skill and altered my dreams. While not light summer tales, they are powerful and stunning. Rentable from your local branch of the BPL.

The Perfect Game

Yesterday, Mets v. Phillies. Game started at 12:10, and was done by 2:25, in proper fast NL fashion. My man, even though he's inconsistent as hell, Oliver Perez struck out 12 and walked 1 in 7 1/3 innings. The Mets broke the tie in the 8th with a double by Carlos Delgado, another Met I like even though he's on the decline. But the clincher? We got free tickets from a guy outside Shea. Just giving $39 seats away. So we paid $15 for parking, ate our own brought-in food, and we had more or less free baseball. In a scare, SL lost his wallet for 10 minutes but ran back up to our seats, and found it still hidden under our seats, waiting for him. Picking up Thai food in Woodside on the way home capped off a great few hours in Queens.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Maps are Fun

It's graphics day here at the Know-All. This super cool map was stolen from Very Small Array. Check out the site, there's lots of other interesting maps to peruse. (Hi Sparky!)

A Bacon Flowchart

(click to enlarge and read)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Days of Summer

Riis Beach, Belmont for Friday sunset racing, Barbecuing nightly feasts*, Farmer's Markets, hanging with SL, Softball Sundays, Home improvement, Working for Camille at her store, Easton PA for thrice-monthly press checks for LBM, Ongoing nonsense with Studio B, Happy hour at Pencil Factory, Pilates, Keepin' on with late Visionaires, Music on the compudio, Pickling**, Books from the library, Roz on TCM, Justifying why I need an iPhone***, and not a lot of blogging.

*tonight's menu: bbq pork spareribs, freshest of fresh corn on the cob, steamed baby artichokes, chicken liver pate and blueberry-peach cobbler. SL is a lucky dude.

**peaches and califlower for today's selections.

***no iPhones to be had on the isle of Manhattan

Andy Rooney Moment

Did you ever notice that the more jobs you have, the more keys you have to carry around?

Did you ever notice that if you have to run errands during the day (vs. after work/weekends), there are loads more people getting in your way, like old folks, tourists, strollers, disabled-types, or just general retards? Frickin' impossible to get up and down 14th street in a timely manner.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dinner Redux

Barring the fact that two people canceled the morning of the benefit for Scott, leaving me scrambling to try and fill two unpaid for seats, the backyard supper was a smashing success. (How I wished I hadn't turned 10 others away!) We raised a nice bit of cash, even with the one empty seat, and a good time was had by all. Teri Wahl of Auntie Em's Kitchen in LA and an old friend of Scott's, came in to help Millicent out (thank god).

We managed to pull it off without anything more serious than an emergency butter run, after running through 3 pounds halfway through the meal. Anthony Nicalo of Farmstead Wines was a huge help, and kept the wine and food moving along smoothly. Thanks to everyone who participated, with a special shout out to the families of my landlord and next-door neighbors, who donated $60 just because they are nice.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Trade

This spring, the Reds got Edinson Volquez for Josh Hamilton: an 2.29 arm for a million dollar swing. Am I crazy for thinking it was a pretty good deal for everyone? I only hope we won't remember it next year as something similar to the Paul O'Neill for Roberto Kelly trade in 1992. Worst trade ever, for the Reds but good for the Janks.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And Why Should Studio B Be Rewarded?

The Community Board meeting tonight in reference to blocking Studio B's cabaret license went well for us, I think. After an hour of tribute including an appearance by Marty Markowitz to the CB1 president Vincent Abate on his 90th (!) birthday, six (correx 7/16: FIVE) of us had our say to the Board on the problems with Studio B, and why they should not be given the cabaret license. The not so good news was they have Ken Fisher, a former city councilman now lobbying for them and acting as their legal council. It suddenly makes a little more sense as to why every violation up to this point was ignored by the city. I do wish someone could explain why they have been allowed to operate as a dance club for over TWO YEARS under the Studio B name without a cabaret license. And, more importantly, why exactly they should now be awarded one after 'suddenly' deciding to go legit after breaking every law they possibly could, and adding nothing of value to Greenpoint. And by suddenly I mean: lots of bad press and angry neighbors. Unreal.

Although I am the worst public speaker ever, another 10-15 neighbors or so were there to show support. It was great to see, and having Ms. Julia contribute her past experiences with community organizing was a real plus. Thanks, J. You gave me some faith.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


The floors are finally done, and my furniture can go back to its proper home.

The Scotty Hard Supper sold out in two days, and we even needed to add seats for a total of 22 to accomodate. If only I could take all the others who also wanted to come but space is tough as it is -- sorry if you got shut out! Now its onto the logistics of a 22 person sitdown dinner in a Brooklyn backyard....

Curlin is running at Belmont Saturday in the Man O' War for his first ever turf race. It may be the only time you see the current best horse in the world take a loss.

After a couple trips to the beach, and few days in Texas, including my first trip to Austin, with Jen, I'm also very tan.