Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's All About Me.

Can't a woman just have a beer in her garden in peace?

I, seriously, can't believe that Ken Fisher's argument is that it's not their problem to police their patrons. Hmm. No one causing the problems would even be in the area (check out how many reviews call it "in the middle of nowhere) without the shows happening at Studio B. Thus, they are your responsibility. Three security guards is a laugh. There may be three, but I have never seen a single one of those guys walk further than 5 feet away from the front door. The problems are around the corner, where patrons are shooed to smoke, take a piss and drink BYO open containers.

I guess all those press releases, BBQ announcements, and blog postings (check the last paragraph!) about people being on the "roof" of the B are just "allegations."

I'm not sure when everyone forgot that besides operating with the lack of a cabaret license for over two years, the whole second floor still doesn't have a Certificate of Occupancy, a Public Assembly permit, or a fire plan. Period. And no one cares enough to just shut that part of the club down.

This two day party ought to be fun for all. At least I'll be out of town.

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