Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finn the Leapling

The birth of my friends Josh and Signe's first child is being induced tomorrow at 7 am at LICH. I knew their Finn would be as unique as his parents are, but nothing like starting it right by giving him a birthday that comes only once every 4 years. I'm told that babies born on Feb 29th are called "leaplings." He's two days late, much to Signe's chagrin and best attempts at scheduling. She's a freelance writer on many deadlines, and only 2 weeks sans work were allotted for his birth and her initiation into motherhood. (HAHAHAHA)

Signe wrote me this week to give an update on her progress, wondering what she should do with the couple days she had left before her son arrives. I suggested that if she felt up for it, she do whatever she WON'T be able to do for the next, oh, ten years or so -- watch movies in silence, disappear for a couple hours without telling anyone where she was, etc. She responded with "OK, I'm off to the bar and strip club then!" I think she was kidding.

Sure must be odd to try to sleep knowing you'll give birth tomorrow. Am actually looking forward to a joyous hospital visit on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Day, Another Update

Scott's surgery has been postponed until next Thursday the 6th due to a low-grade, not serious infection he is fighting off. The doctors feel it is best to wait until that is under control in a couple days before attempting to put a hunk of metal in his back. Seems like a good idea. Unfortunately, THE hot-shot back repair doctor is only available at Bellevue on Thursdays.

Scott will be in fighting shape by that time, as he's slooowly moving back to solid food, and his body should be overall stronger with a little more recuperation time from the serious trauma it was put through. A bit disappointing for sure, but one day at a time is the theme here....It's gonna be a long road.

If anyone would like to send him mail, it can go to:
Scott Harding
c/o Bellevue Hospital Center
462 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Visitors will continue to be restricted for about the next 10 days so he can get the rest he needs during this next phase of his recovery. For some positivity and reminiscing from Scott's best friend Dennis in Vancouver, check his blog here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Scotty Hard Fund

A special needs trust has been created in Scott's name, and it's called "The Scotty Hard Fund". Any donations should be sent payable in the trust's name, to the following address:

"The Scotty Hard Trust"
c/o Heesok Chang
970 Kent Ave #401
brooklyn ny 11205

For those that wish to wire transfer funds, the trust bank account information will be sent out in a later email.

From Tom Camuso, Scott's partner: On Thursday Scott will go in for surgery to repair his spine. To prepare for this, and in the best interests of Scott's health, it's best to not receive any visits until a few days after this operation. Thank you for all your concern, cards, emails, and hockey updates, Scott greatly appreciates all the concern on his behalf, news about his many friends, and it's all made a big difference to maintaining his spirit.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

More on Scott

Mr. Harding is doing better. He's become more lucid, is off painkillers, and is able to sit up in a tilted bed more often, now that a week has passed since the accident. His spirits are amazingly good, and he is determined to meet the new challenges presented to him with his usual tenacity. He's refusing to let this beat him, period. As he said today, a new chapter has begun. Although it may not be the scenario for change he might have envisioned, we simply have to believe that unforeseen good and powerful things will come from such drastic change in his life.

Musician friends are meeting tomorrow at Tony Maimone's studio to brainstorm benefits, auctions, and other fund raising ideas. Thankfully, the donations have been flowing in, for costs are going to mount rapidly once he moves out of the hospital (maybe late April?) and into a rehab facility to begin the really hard work.

The kids who caused the accident have not yet been apprehended, but investigators have quite a few leads they are pursuing (Tom taking the role of Magnum/Rockford). There are several eyewitnesses, and videotapes of the entire accident are currently being compiled. (Seriously, two or three tapes exist from constantly running video cameras mounted on the outside of crazy Greenpointers' houses on that very corner)

First big move forward: surgery on Thursday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I received the terrible news Sunday morning that my dear friend and ex-bf Scott Harding aka Scotty Hard was in a bad car accident late Friday night. About a block after leaving his studio in Greenpoint, three kids ran a stop sign at a high rate of speed and slammed into the car service vehicle Scott was riding in.

Among other serious injuries such as a broken collar bone, some stitches, bad bruising and several broken vertebrae, Scott's spinal cord was damaged. The doctors at Bellevue have told him that the paralysis from his sternum down is likely permanent, although the full extent of his recovery is not yet certain. The first step at this early stage is stabilizing surgery on his back that will take place next Thursday.

I've been spending some days at the hospital with him, and he's doing okay, all things considered. He's fully alert, talking, remarkably good humored, cracking inappropriate jokes -- although sleeping a lot, on painkillers, and unable to eat much. The care he is receiving is excellent, as the trauma teams at Bellevue are purported to be some of the best in the nation. For now, there's a core group of us staying with him 24-7 to support his healing while keeping his many visitors to a dull roar as he starts a long road of recuperation.

Three of his closest friends (Leif, Heesok and his partner, Tom) have organized to attend to his most immediate financial, legal and health needs, with the help of Scott's many friends and family. There is a legal investigator hired by Scott's friends on the case, and there are several eyewitnesses, but as of yesterday they had not yet found the kids that ran from the car after hitting them on Meserole@Newell Street.

If there is any good news, it is that he DOES have the use of his arms and even more importantly, his ears. He can continue making mixing and producing records, making music with his incredible talent. And if anyone can find the bright side of this, I know Scott will. His genuinely good spirit and positive attitude are going to be huge assets. Just maybe, there is a new treatment or study out there that can change his diagnosis, but for now, it'll be taking things as they arise each day. He's got an amazing support system, with so many people who love him and want to help. I hope he'll be able to draw on all this strength as his life suddenly changes so very much.

That said, it is unbelievably sad, random and unfair. It's difficult to comprehend how easily everything can change in a brief instant, simply based on crap timing, with 5 seconds one way or the other making the entire difference.

Like so many today, he has no health insurance. Some of the initial costs (once there's a settlement, MONTHS away) will be born by the insurance of the car service, with details of the shows and benefits sure to come from his many musician friends and co-creators to follow as they emerge. A trust for Scott is being set up; if anyone wants to contribute donations to help with Scott's immediate financial needs including rent, mixing board payments and creditors, please send checks to:

"The Scotty Hard Trust"
c/o Heesok Chang
970 Kent Ave #401
brooklyn ny 11205


Very exciting. As I type, two dirty grips (one named SL) are moving lumber into my house to do a fix on the deck stairs today. No more sketchy slanted steps to gingerly climb down. And the new 42" flat screen TV from CostCo was hung on Sunday.

Derby Day this year is going to be better than ever.

ADDENDUM: the boys managed to smash a precariously hung window to smithereens, but at least it's finally getting fixed tomorrow after being broken a couple summers back by a roommate of mine.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

NY Times movie summaries

I love the writer(s) who does the movie encapsulations in the TV listings of the NY Times. Must be one of the best jobs ever: watch movies, and write an under twenty-word, often hilarious, sometimes snarky summation of the film.

Here are some choice examples from the past couple of days:
The DaVinci Code - "Religious mystery could rock foundations of Christianity. What's up with Hanks's hair?"
Practical Magic - "Sisters resist family legacy: witchcraft. Barbie joins a coven."
Fargo - "Coens' snowbound film noir, merry and macabre."
The Matrix Revolutions - "Ferocious machine assault on battered Zion. Stop frowning, Neo; it's finally over."
The Hills Have Eyes - "Bloodthirsty mutants hunt fresh meat. Awfully good at making you feel awful."
Seven - "Murders based on seven deadly sins. Deadly dull."
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - "Laura Palmer's last days, in prequel to Lynch series. Not the worst movie ever made, just seems that way."

Slate graciously provides a link.


I truly don't care about Valentine's Day - and I mean it. (A reminder here about the best Valentine EVER from last year -- still funny!)

As I said to SL a few days back, I'm not secretly wishing for diamonds or something, then plotting a complete freakout when nothing happens. That said, it's awfully nice to wake up to find a bag with loads of Jacques Torres chocolate, and a mix CD. A mix CD!! Boys don't make me mix CDs anymore. I feel like I'm 20. Warm and fuzzy.


The type of persons I'm happy are out of my life*:
1) Self-centered girls, who cannot give, but only take.
2) Girls who insist on being the victim.
3) Crazy girls.
4) Girls who must have drama around them to feel alive.

As my life gets quieter, I am more thankful every day for the women in my life who are grown up, know how to support a friend, work out conflict in other ways besides not dealing at all, and recognize that friendship is a two-way street. (Beyond the ones in far-flung locales, see PALS blogroll to right for several of these illustrious ladies.)

*all qualities are sometimes found in a superfecta treat of a person.

Monday, February 11, 2008


We've been back for a week. And it's 14 degrees here today. Seeing as how it cost less to live there on a monthly basis, remind me -- why did we come back again??

Photos are online here, for those interested. (just make up a password when it asks you for one)