Thursday, February 14, 2008

NY Times movie summaries

I love the writer(s) who does the movie encapsulations in the TV listings of the NY Times. Must be one of the best jobs ever: watch movies, and write an under twenty-word, often hilarious, sometimes snarky summation of the film.

Here are some choice examples from the past couple of days:
The DaVinci Code - "Religious mystery could rock foundations of Christianity. What's up with Hanks's hair?"
Practical Magic - "Sisters resist family legacy: witchcraft. Barbie joins a coven."
Fargo - "Coens' snowbound film noir, merry and macabre."
The Matrix Revolutions - "Ferocious machine assault on battered Zion. Stop frowning, Neo; it's finally over."
The Hills Have Eyes - "Bloodthirsty mutants hunt fresh meat. Awfully good at making you feel awful."
Seven - "Murders based on seven deadly sins. Deadly dull."
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - "Laura Palmer's last days, in prequel to Lynch series. Not the worst movie ever made, just seems that way."

Slate graciously provides a link.


jones() said...

I write a blog about Dayton punk and indie rock from the late '80s and early '90s. In writing an entry about The Pleasures Pale, I was looking for information on the old Dayton band Rhino 39 and found your blog.

Thanks for being only one of two places I found to confirm that there was a Rhino 39 in Dayton in the late '80s (I had convinced myself that all these years my memory of the band was confused with the better known Rhino 39 from Long Beach, California).

Anyway, you've got some interesting stuff to say about Dayton here -- hope you don't mind if I link to some of your entries every now and then.

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ps. My name is Patrick Jones, and I used to play in some Dayton bands long ago. Just letting you know in case I met you at some point.

The Know-All said...

Hey Patrick, thanks for checking it out! Dayton was where I first got involved in music and punk rock. I sent you a longer email to your personal address.