Thursday, February 14, 2008


The type of persons I'm happy are out of my life*:
1) Self-centered girls, who cannot give, but only take.
2) Girls who insist on being the victim.
3) Crazy girls.
4) Girls who must have drama around them to feel alive.

As my life gets quieter, I am more thankful every day for the women in my life who are grown up, know how to support a friend, work out conflict in other ways besides not dealing at all, and recognize that friendship is a two-way street. (Beyond the ones in far-flung locales, see PALS blogroll to right for several of these illustrious ladies.)

*all qualities are sometimes found in a superfecta treat of a person.

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Binky said...

Why would you want 'girls' in your life if you're a woman anyway?