Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I received the terrible news Sunday morning that my dear friend and ex-bf Scott Harding aka Scotty Hard was in a bad car accident late Friday night. About a block after leaving his studio in Greenpoint, three kids ran a stop sign at a high rate of speed and slammed into the car service vehicle Scott was riding in.

Among other serious injuries such as a broken collar bone, some stitches, bad bruising and several broken vertebrae, Scott's spinal cord was damaged. The doctors at Bellevue have told him that the paralysis from his sternum down is likely permanent, although the full extent of his recovery is not yet certain. The first step at this early stage is stabilizing surgery on his back that will take place next Thursday.

I've been spending some days at the hospital with him, and he's doing okay, all things considered. He's fully alert, talking, remarkably good humored, cracking inappropriate jokes -- although sleeping a lot, on painkillers, and unable to eat much. The care he is receiving is excellent, as the trauma teams at Bellevue are purported to be some of the best in the nation. For now, there's a core group of us staying with him 24-7 to support his healing while keeping his many visitors to a dull roar as he starts a long road of recuperation.

Three of his closest friends (Leif, Heesok and his partner, Tom) have organized to attend to his most immediate financial, legal and health needs, with the help of Scott's many friends and family. There is a legal investigator hired by Scott's friends on the case, and there are several eyewitnesses, but as of yesterday they had not yet found the kids that ran from the car after hitting them on Meserole@Newell Street.

If there is any good news, it is that he DOES have the use of his arms and even more importantly, his ears. He can continue making mixing and producing records, making music with his incredible talent. And if anyone can find the bright side of this, I know Scott will. His genuinely good spirit and positive attitude are going to be huge assets. Just maybe, there is a new treatment or study out there that can change his diagnosis, but for now, it'll be taking things as they arise each day. He's got an amazing support system, with so many people who love him and want to help. I hope he'll be able to draw on all this strength as his life suddenly changes so very much.

That said, it is unbelievably sad, random and unfair. It's difficult to comprehend how easily everything can change in a brief instant, simply based on crap timing, with 5 seconds one way or the other making the entire difference.

Like so many today, he has no health insurance. Some of the initial costs (once there's a settlement, MONTHS away) will be born by the insurance of the car service, with details of the shows and benefits sure to come from his many musician friends and co-creators to follow as they emerge. A trust for Scott is being set up; if anyone wants to contribute donations to help with Scott's immediate financial needs including rent, mixing board payments and creditors, please send checks to:

"The Scotty Hard Trust"
c/o Heesok Chang
970 Kent Ave #401
brooklyn ny 11205

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