Friday, October 24, 2008

New Pix

New photos on the Flickr page from London and New Orleans.

I stumbled across this crazy tunnel underneath Waterloo Station that apparently was the site of graffiti festival in the spring. I know next to nothing about graffiti artists, but the scope and number of pieces was amazing.

Storyville Stompers playing on the veranda at Bartley and Tania's wedding. It was a beautiful and fun NoLA wedding, and I couldn't be happier that these two are hitched. They complement and support each other so well. Much love and congrats!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stupid Economy

Nothing like being one of three final candidates from over a hundred people that applied for a dream job at MoMA, and having the joint go on a hiring freeze for the next couple of months. (At least they finally called today to tell me that.) Grumble.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Big Easy

First morning in New Orleans for a long weekend complete with Bartley and Tania's wedding, and I'm still in bed with a pounding headache. Goddamn Daphne, Dan and Mimi's. I used to not be such a pussy.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

DWTS Tragedy

Yes, I'm watching the debate but I also am reading that Misty May-Trainor, one half of the gold-medal winning USA beach volleyball team, ruptured her achilles tendon while competing on Dancing with the Stars. She had surgery today and needs nine months of rehab before she can hit the court again. Injured from being on some ridiculous TV show.

That is the lamest shit I have ever heard.

(almost as lame as Tom Brokaw's moderation job tonight)

The Pet Dragon a cool-looking new children's book from illustrator Christoph Niemann told partially with Chinese characters. You may have seen Niemann's work on numerous covers for The New Yorker. (Link via Print.)

Round Up

In my own version of Twitter, here's what has been on my mind over the past 24 hours:

•Had Korean BBQ last night with SL's lovely parents again on their way back through NYC before returning to their home in Athens. That's Greece, not Ohio.
•What does one wear for a second interview at MoMA? And what samples to take? Hmm. Time to put on my corporate. Hope to also stop see the Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling exhibit before it closes.
•What movie to go see later today/tomorrow? Haven't seen anything in a theater in forever.
•Lisa B's in town from London. This mean pork buns and pickles at Momofuku Ssam Bar tomorrow.
•How should one cook lamb shanks?
•Can I pull off this year's Derby Day plan without alienating SL entirely?
•Are the rats running rampant on Calyer Street over the past few weeks going to make their way into my 1st floor apartment?
•I finally cleaned the scary closet in my house, where tools and paper products go to hide. Now I keep opening it to admire the amazing organization. Dork.
•Should I finally give in and join Facebook? Probably not. Social networking sites annoy me. I find them a poor excuse for actual friendships.
•It's Baxie's 3rd birthday! You can send dead rodents as presents. Here's a photo of him laying all up on my freshly washed sweaters, in honor of one funny and dear cat. (Yeah, I know I'm gay. Shut up.)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Eatin' Out - Walter Foods

253 Grand @ Roebling, Williamsburg

SL and I had been a bit cranky with each other this week, so we decided to have a date on Friday night, consisting of dinner and a rock show on campus. There's been lots of new places opening up in the Williamsburg, so many I barely can keep track, but a blurb on Walter Foods had stuck the place in my brain as a good new option.

Going out on a Friday night at 8:30 without a reservation was probably going to be tough, but when we showed up, the friendly hostess told us it would be 30 minutes or so. That seemed okay since the Kills weren't due to start until 10:45, so we went across the street to Clem's for a drink. Twenty minutes later, we were back and standing outside on the street, trying to glare through the big windows at those seated inside, in hopes of inspiring them to eat fast. We didn't mind being outside: it was way too crowded around the bar for giant people like us, was a nice night, and we ran into a few people we knew while waiting on Grand Street.

As it started to become more like an hour wait, the hostess came out three different times to tell us what was going on, and inform us that we were the very next table of two to be seated (two tables decided not to leave after eating and had instead joined together for drinks -- which, as an aside, is a pretty rude move when people are obviously waiting to be seated. Let the restaurant turn the tables and go to a bar! There's only about 15 on Grand Street, after all.) She was charming and good humored while being slammed on their first full Friday night. Impressive how she kept her cool, without even a hint of the irritation you can get from a lot of staff in North Brooklyn.

We sat at about 9:35 and almost the first thing that happens is that the owner Danny, who we had met briefly outside through some mutual friends, comes by with three glasses of comped bubbly to thank us for waiting. We tell him we are only two, but he says no matter and leaves us all three glasses. Classy move. Thanks, Danny! The interior has the same vibe as Marlow and Sons or Cafe Moto -- sort of clean vintagey gastropub with old photos, mirrors, shiny tiles, previously used doors and other fixtures. I love it. We order an Old-Fashioned (my favorite) and a Manhattan from an fantastic classic cocktail menu. And they come fast, with those big square ice cubes that don't melt instantly and ruin your drink.

The menu is American bistro, with a lot of seafood options including oysters from the raw bar, and lobster shows up solo as well as in several dishes. Otherwise: fried chicken, steak, pork chops, hamburger, surf and turf, salads. We had pigs in a blanket (sausage in pastry dough with red pepper sauce. Wished for some mustard) and the poached lobster salad for appetizers. Both are tasty. Then: pork chops that came with delicious butter-soaked brussel sprouts and apple compote, and the pepper-incrusted filet mignon served with garlicy smashed potatoes. No exaggeration, the meat cuts were about an inch thick. Very, very generous cuts of meat for the price, and perfectly cooked. There are no overcooked meats coming out of this kitchen - medium rare was even on the rare side.

We were so stuffed by the end, we couldn't even finish the entrees and brought some leftovers home with us. Overall cost was about $50 per person. Great meal, great staff, nice vibe inside, even on a Friday night packed with the fancy types: we will definitely be back.

Dr. Ralph on Obama

Listen here for an powerful ad currently running in Southwest Virginia from Ralph Stanley. Think about that -- an 81 year old bluegrass legend from deep Virginia endorsing a black man for president. If you can't trust Dr. Ralph, who can you trust?

Thanks to andtheend. for the link.