Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Round Up

In my own version of Twitter, here's what has been on my mind over the past 24 hours:

•Had Korean BBQ last night with SL's lovely parents again on their way back through NYC before returning to their home in Athens. That's Greece, not Ohio.
•What does one wear for a second interview at MoMA? And what samples to take? Hmm. Time to put on my corporate. Hope to also stop see the Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling exhibit before it closes.
•What movie to go see later today/tomorrow? Haven't seen anything in a theater in forever.
•Lisa B's in town from London. This mean pork buns and pickles at Momofuku Ssam Bar tomorrow.
•How should one cook lamb shanks?
•Can I pull off this year's Derby Day plan without alienating SL entirely?
•Are the rats running rampant on Calyer Street over the past few weeks going to make their way into my 1st floor apartment?
•I finally cleaned the scary closet in my house, where tools and paper products go to hide. Now I keep opening it to admire the amazing organization. Dork.
•Should I finally give in and join Facebook? Probably not. Social networking sites annoy me. I find them a poor excuse for actual friendships.
•It's Baxie's 3rd birthday! You can send dead rodents as presents. Here's a photo of him laying all up on my freshly washed sweaters, in honor of one funny and dear cat. (Yeah, I know I'm gay. Shut up.)

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