Monday, July 21, 2008

Lazy, Hazy, Days of Summer

Riis Beach, Belmont for Friday sunset racing, Barbecuing nightly feasts*, Farmer's Markets, hanging with SL, Softball Sundays, Home improvement, Working for Camille at her store, Easton PA for thrice-monthly press checks for LBM, Ongoing nonsense with Studio B, Happy hour at Pencil Factory, Pilates, Keepin' on with late Visionaires, Music on the compudio, Pickling**, Books from the library, Roz on TCM, Justifying why I need an iPhone***, and not a lot of blogging.

*tonight's menu: bbq pork spareribs, freshest of fresh corn on the cob, steamed baby artichokes, chicken liver pate and blueberry-peach cobbler. SL is a lucky dude.

**peaches and califlower for today's selections.

***no iPhones to be had on the isle of Manhattan

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