Thursday, February 09, 2006

Eatin' Out - Roebling Tea Room

143 Roebling@Metropolitan in WBurg, Brooklyn
A lovely place recently opened by a member of the Lunachicks, I found the Tea Room to be a really nice to catch up with friends. The renovation work done on the 1st floor of a dark red residental/former factory building (went to more than one party here in the 90s...I vaguely remember Matthew singing Dolly Parton on the roof....but I digress) to create this space is great - the space is welcoming yet open with huge vaulted windows looking onto beeyoootiful Metropolitan Avenue. There are tables if you want to sit down for a more "formal" dinner, an outdoor area that should be good in warmer weather, as well as couches and soft chairs for simply hanging out with the paper.

The simple menu consists of well-prepared sandwiches, salads and snacks with lots of vegetarian options, and is reasonably priced and tasty. Choices include a Bratwurst sandwich, lemon caper tuna salad, a smoked salmon plate and several kinds of crostini.

I'd come here all the time if I lived around the corner. And went to tea rooms. Which I may now be doing, since I'm a tea drinker...

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