Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Crazy busy fun Memorial Day weekend here in Bklyn. I still get nostalgic for the 5 years of leavin' town immediately to start a summer share at the Shelter Island house (R.I.P.), but don't miss it AS much when there's lots of local entertainment to be had.

The ShellieandTommys were in from Chicago all weekend, as well as SL's old pal Ger from Reading sans his kids. It was non-stop activity including a sunny Yankees game (the win made everyone else happy), getting back on the tip yesterday at Belmont for Rubes' birthday and the Met Mile (hit two exactas for about $90 bucks total), biscuits-n-gravy Sunday brunch at Katrina's, a couple of happy hours, and the first of soon-to-be-many smallish BBQs in the "I'm so happy I have this" oasis of my backyard.

It's less than two weeks until Meghan and Brooks pack up Calyer Street for their move west to Portland OR, but otherwise: Summer makes me happy.

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