Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Rockettes

My friend and co-worker Allison from LBM scored the production team free tix to Radio City Music Hall's Christmas show last night. She's the biggest Christmas queer ever, and got all 4 of us wound up about going. Snow fell, skaters skated on stage, bears danced, fireworks flew, Rockettes kicked high, 45 Santas danced at once, and there were real live camels on stage. Not to mention a 10 minute 3d movie mid-show complete with cardboard glasses.

As the ads say, it was spectacular. Also hilarious and show stopping, causing big smiles all around. Now I can check another "classic New York thing I've never done" off my list. I mean, if I had that list.


Tim M said...

All I can say is I'm jealous, and if you tell anyone I'll kill ya!

rrthur said...

had the same experience a few years back. was something to see. as far as lists go, last year i finally rode the staten island ferry (twice! ... back AND forth)