Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Link Roundup

Some links I enjoyed lately ---

Strath at Pacific Standard in Seattle talks about the Steve McQueen festival at Lincoln Center now through May 26th, accompanied by some gorgeous stills. The hottest, and the coolest man, all at the same time.

A short day-in-the-life from WNYC at Peter Pan Donuts on Manhattan Ave. Classic Greenpoint, and best donuts ever.

A couple more I cribbed from Greenpointers:
Local photographer Kristy May's site.
And a bartending school in Williamsburg. Of course, something like this exists. Gross.

The Belmont Special is back. Glad to hear it, but thanks for nothing on Derby Day.

I've been walking around in the East Village on nice days lately. It's been a long time since I speant a lot of time in that hood, so I sometimes forget what a great place it can be. For example, a pork sandwich from Porchetta that tastes like it came straight from the Mercato Centrale in Florence. And for the flipside, some old-style Avenue A. Here's a fascinating take with raw photos showing how life on Avenue A is still lived by some in the East Village.

My appetite is getting better, so I bought a round of one of my favorite cheeses, Red Hawk from Cowgirl Creamery in Pt Reyes, CA. Expensive but amazing. And a most interesting article in today's Times about Sriracha, the indepensible red chili sauce in the rooster bottle.

Hilarious songs from comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates. Seriously, watch it.

Lastly, I have a new three-day-a week permanent Production Director gig at The Daily Group, publishers of The Daily & the Fashion MINI, (plus regular other special B-to-B pubs,) owned by IMG. Guess I can't escape giant fashion mags.

It's a funny, gossipy fashion insider paper that comes out daily during NYC Fashion Week + 6 times a year. Russell, an old friend of mine from college, hooked me up by so kindly being a VP there for a digital division connected with The Daily Group. We hadn't spoken to in 13 years, since I first moved to NYC, due to a bunch of complications. For my first 5 months here, I lived in his old room in an apartment on 14th Street. It made my move here simple as it could be, and again, he has helped a sister out.

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