Thursday, September 30, 2004

New York: the biggest small town

It rained at least four inches last night, with the remnants of Hurricane Jeanne passing through and causing general chaos. Why is it that a thoroughly modern city in all other ways must become incapacitated by a little (okay, a lot of) rain? I get that the storm runoff goes into the subways, blah blah blah causing all things electrical to shut down, but really. There should be a better solution than me having to ride the bus this morning to Long Island City. Plus, coming home last night was awful.

The point of this round of bitching is that while riding the bus this morning, I ran into one of the persons who is causing me confusion in my life this week. A pleasant conversation ensued, but it was not a time I was ready to address some overhanging issues - on the B61 bus to work on a Wednesday morning. This happens more than it should in the five boroughs. You can go for days being anonymous, not seeing a single person you know randomly running around in the city, and then boom! You ALWAYS run into the very people you DON'T want to deal with. And in closed quarters, generally.

And don't move to NYC thinking you are going to be anonymous. It might as well be a small town in the midwest.

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