Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Eatin' Out - Lamb & Jaffey

On Manhattan Ave. near Eagle St.

Review from 2005:
A sorely needed American bistro finally was opened after a few delays on on the far Northern reaches of Manhattan Ave. Though I've heard this place is packed for dinner, we tried it for brunch, and while it's a much needed addition for Greenpoint where the only thing you can get is Thai or Polish, the meal was mediocre. Brunch is not a fair meal to judge a restaurant on. Still: 1) Please learn to keep coffee hot. The silver creamers are cute, but don't work to hold heat 2) Hollandaise sauce is a staple. It shouldn't be runny with the same consistency as water. 3) An artichoke heart is not a substitute for the base bread item in eggs benedict. Creative, but still a bad idea.

Service was friendly, if a little overbearing and twitchy. The interior is simple with a huge kitchen in the back for their catering business (the original business of the two chefs) with lots of sun and wood. Although their entrees seem a little pricey for the neighborhood ($18 for scallops?) I'm definitely going to go again and give them a chance at cooking a proper meal during dinner. They also deliver. But do I need coriander crusted salmon brought to my door? Jury's still out.


Alex said...

This place was awesome. I only went for Brunch but i would definately recomend it - The food was fresh, seasonal, comfy yet total hip. Decor is Uber Cool and the coffe great. Its the perfect place to hang out on the weekend, recover from the night before or use as a showcase when meeting someone new. And Seriously, the food was good. Totally local organic with some kick-ass capability coming out of the kitchen. I would totally recommend it.

The Know-All said...

I haven't been back in quite sometime (this post is from 2005!) so I am sure things have changed since I first reviewed it. Thanks for your comment.