Tuesday, July 26, 2005

See Ya at the Rock Concert

This piece made me miss Tim Taylor all over. Tim and I had been friends since 1986, since both of our senior years of high school in Dayton, Ohio. We saw each other throughout college, mostly in Cincinnati, and when Brainiac began touring in the mid-90s, they stayed with me a couple times in San Francisco. I remember one great show, when they played with Jesus Lizard and Girls Against Boys at Slim's. What a fantastic triple bill that was. Michelle Bodine was in the band at that point, (later of the now-defunct Shesus), and spent most of the night at my house trying to get David Sims of Jesus Lizard to stop his incessant hitting on her.

Fast forward to another episode in 1995 - In Amsterdam, walking up to an elevator in our hotel with Shellie. We see a guy standing by the elevator, and I say to Shellie "Wow, that guy looks like Tim Taylor." Lo and behold, it WAS Timmy Taylor. In our hotel, all of us far from Ohio, Brainiac touring with as a support act to the Amps. Tim just grinned at Shellie and I, and said "Hi girls. Are you coming to our rock concert?" None of us ever got over the world-is-a-very-small-place quality of that encounter.

And then two years later - I had since moved to New York, and Brainiac had tons of buzz surrounding them. Rumors were flying that spring of who they were signing with and when. Through various friends, I heard how Elektra was wooing them heavily. I turn around from the bar one night at the Lakeside Lounge, and bump smack into Tim. Neither of us are suprised to see each other, and again with the grin, "Hey Susan. What's happening?" Casual as ever, finally due to be signed to a major, brought to the bar in a limo, and still the same Tim.

Three weeks later, I'm in Dayton for Memorial Day, and I see the report of Tim's death at the age of 28 on the local news. He was the first friend my age I lost. Having to go to his memorial service was a heartbreak. Realizing that his life, good spirit, humor and talent was cut short was even worse.

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