Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Eatin' Out - Monkeytown

58 N. 3rd Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn
Here's what you need to know: Monkeytown is seriously mediocre. My friend said it best: it's another Brooklyn restaurant that would close in two months if it was in Manhattan. While I do think there's some good chow to be had in Brooklyn, perhaps most often in the 5th Avenue/Park Slope area, Williamsburg has more than its share of restaurant pretenders. Unoriginal and flavorless dishes are continually carted out for $17 bucks a pop, although I'll give kudos to the lime meatball appetizer. But overall: weak.

The seating is uncomfortable, with tables made out of plywood by a midget architect with hemorrhoids, seeing as they are very low to the ground with zero leg room, and covered with futons with no backs bungee-corded to the platforms as an excuse for couch-like seating. The service was Stepfordesque, with specials delivered in strange tones broken up by awkward pauses from blank-faced waitstaff clad in grease monkey suits.

I haven't sat in the more inviting back room, where you can watch a movie or listen to a speaker while dining but I don't think I ever will.

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