Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday in New York

I had one hell of a productive day today. It's gorgeous, sunny and 75 degrees, and I've got a touch of summer fever.

When Meghan moved in upstairs a couple weeks ago, she asked our landlord Eleanor if she could lock a bike to the front fence. Eleanor told her she'd have to ask me because "that's Susan's yard." Well, I'll be damned. I didn't even know I HAD my own yard, all glorious 18 square feet of it. Since I like growing something, I went and got three planters and $100 of dirt at the Home Depot with Gina's help the other night. With much "friendly" commentary from my neighbors who have lived there for 30 years+, the tulips are in, and now I have to plot what other things will grow in a shady north-facing yard in Greepoint. (nothing?) It looks pretty cute. And no, Meghan can't lock her bike there now.

I finally gave in and joined My Space, after resisting for a few years. Why?? To stalk people, of course. Like the way they say it happens on Nightline to teenagers. My co-worker has been kind enough to let me log in as him when in, um, need of information but enough was enough. The nice part of it is that I spent a lot of the day reconnecting to friends because of the site via email, plus catching up with Pat for an hour on the phone.

I also decided to have my Derby party again this year. I wasn't sure if I was feeling putting on the whole hoo-ha that it inevitably becomes (because I can't be calm and have a chilled-out party - I must always lose my mind and get a ham; glassware; derby-themed plates; invite 50 people; etc. etc.) but realized it would be damn fun to do. I'm lucky enough to have enough space that my friends can come over for a proper party, so bring it on. And remember, juleps are deadly...

Now I'm catching the last two Derby prep races (the Blue Grass Stakes, and the Arkansas Derby) before heading off to dinner at Monkeytown (gay name for a restaurant) with Troy and Crankypants Kaplan. I'm guessing this weather means many drinks will be drunk while wandering about the campus of the U of WBurg this evening.

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