Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My man Junior

My beloved Reds are in town this week playing the Mets, and here's a nice column from The Daily News that semi-sings Ken Griffey Jr's praises. (Yeah, I almost cried when the Reds traded for him and brought him home; that is, before he got hurt for his next four years in what??)

It's the only time all year I'll probably see them, so here's to hoping they keep up the pace and end up in the playoffs for the first time since 1995. One positive and interesting note: thus far this year, the division-leading Cardinals are 5-12 against the Reds and Cubs.


Tim said...

And how much are you lovin Bronson on your pitching staff eh? Don't know when Wily Mo is going to start paying dividends (he will at some point) but I'm happy for you and for Bronson that he's getting a chance to really be a stud! Best of luck to ya!

Tim from the "Nation"

The Know-All said...

Can Wily Mo field yet? He does have a GREAT baseball name and can swing the hell out of a bat!