Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I am DONE DONE DONE printing, and would be doing high kicks, except that I need to pack and haul my ass up at 5:30 am tomorrow to go to Hong Kong. Best part of finishing was when the 9 pressman who rotated around on my job came in after the last sheet was signed to give me a huge group bow and hearty "DOMO ARIGATO!" It was the cutest. I do love the proud hardworking pressmen every where I go, even after I make their lives annoying for 16 days. Sure couldn't do it without 'em.

I had a meeting yesterday with the sponsors of the issue, Isetan (sort of like Japanese Bloomingdale's). This issue commemorates their 120th (hence: 13 decades) anniversary and as part of the contract, they aren't allowed to see artwork, sheets, nothing. I hid the JAP scenario pages. Fumi insisted one guy who couldn't speak English would come by and wave. Turns out 3 guys from Isetan come, all in suits including the big boss man who's pretty hot and charming. As i hold court and say stupid stuff that makes them laugh (a no-no in Japanese business), five Toppan sales guys flank me in their suits like my own personal secret service, milling around nervously, hoping I don't blow their account. Isetan is a HUGE account for them, so it was entertaining to know that their fate partially rested in my hands. But I didn't have any real complaints that weren't day-to-day for us and resolved, so I laid the compliments on thick for everyone. I also managed to get Fumi back for not being there for the meeting by insisting that the GM of Promotion MUST come to NYC in the fall with him - it would be SUCH a great trip, and we'd love to him there! ha ha. Yeah, don't skip my meeting to go on vacation...

Poor Japan. I have never been so happy to see the backside of a country. We'll meet again at a better time for both of us! Kiss Kiss!!

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