Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm in Tatters (Shadoobie)... Scattered

Two weeks have flown by, fueled by some draining Franklin Street drama, a little too much work stress including a crash course in the fascinating world of injection molding, a touch of new romance, some fun meals with friends and a mad dash towards the plane tomorrow to Northern Italy for 12 days on a work-combined-with -vacation jaunt. Bookend that with a last minute ticket to the sold out Hold Steady show tonight at North 6th (thanks, Heater!) and arrival in Venice on Saturday and I can't really complain. I do hope the recent conflicts with good friends will pass quickly, but otherwise...

I came home this evening to find a letter from a location scout for my favorite show, Rescue Me, on the front door. Whoo hoo -- I am so getting Denis Leary in my house and never letting him leave! It's just too bad they killed off Dean Winters' character last season coz that'd be a dynamic duo to have on Calyer Street. I'm sure they'd go to Cheaters with me.

Quick restaurant rundown:
Peasant (194 Elizabeth btw Prince/Spring)
Came together at the last minute for Julia's 33rd birthday with some excellent girls in the forms of Camille and Shana. Peasant is sort of fancy rustic italian, almost verging on that dreaded "small plate italian" that causes a contradiction in my brain. We had a great and decadent time in the beautiful firelit room thanks a friend hooking us up with champagne to start, tons of appetizers, quail, octopus, too many deserts and a round of digestives to finish it all off. Not sure the food wowed me, but the spirit of the evening definitely did.

La Nacional (239 W. 14th St., between 7th & 8th Aves)
Met Lisa B (I mean, H!) and her gorgeous 6 month old daughter Eva here for some traditional style Spanish tapas on a Thursday night. The restaurant is located on the somewhat mysterious ground floor of the Spanish Benevolent Society, and the interior reminded me of a crappy old sports bar in the midwest. In other words, awesome. Nothing fancy here, but lots of standards like boquerones, a chorizo/cheese plate, gambas a la plancha, and octopus with paprika. The paella gets raves but we were too distracted by the five plates of tapas to go that route.

Dokebi (199 Grand btw Bedford & Driggs)
Miss Heater did not steer Scotty Hard and myself wrong but who was to know there was delicious Korean in Williamsburg? Order from a small traditional Korean menu and grill yer own meat at the table, just like 32nd street, only its even spicier (yay). Nice little bar in the back of the restaurant that looks ideal for (ahem) secret daters.

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