Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Day I Hung Out with Milo

I found this today via Myspace on my old friend Michelle Bricher's blog. It's a funny story, so I'm swiping her text verbatum, and posting it here. Sorry for leaving you outside during the show Michelle, that's pretty rude...Milo was AWESOME, by the way. Way smart, interesting and really nice. I think I had a crush on him for about 3 years after this night. I still remember it well, as it was a big deal in my 18 year old life to hang out with the singer from the Descendents. And don't make fun of going to see Suzanne Vega -- Milo was the punk rockest, and he wanted see her more than any of us! (His name was Luka?)

Milo the Man, the legend
I was perusing my own blog, wondering what other people would find there if they looked. I had promised a story about Milo from the Descendents. It's sort of silly, really, but I begin.

My friend Susan and I drove down to Cincinnati, I guess to see Suzanne Vega at Bogarts. We didn't have tickets, so I expect we didn't think it would be soldout. Which it was. We were standing in line, when these guys we knew drove up. The only one I remember being in the car was this guy John Coy. John Coy and the boys from California are another story entirely. I don't know what I'd say about them entirely, but all my stories have backstories. That story could conceivably loop around to meeting Dinosaur Jr. It could happen.

Okay, so John Coy drives up with these guys, they're all going to see the Reds play. They drop off this other guy Milo, from the Descendents. He's got tickets to the Suzanne Vega show. He gives Susan one and this girl I sort of knew the other ticket. Her brother was the roadie for a local band at home called the Highwaymen that we would see all the time. I totally loved the Highwaymen. Still have their record around. Anyway, so, they go in. I have to sit outside waiting for them. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I was kind of irritated. Finally they come out.

Then Milo needs a ride back to Dayton because the rest of the band is at the game, so Susan offers. He tells me that he didn't realize that I didn't have a ticket, otherwise he would have offered it to me. Milo, I still want to see Suzanne Vega!! Fat Man and the Dancing Girl, you know. You can make it up to me somehow. Maybe some of those Vans you're advertising. Nah. Something else.

Okay, was that worth waiting for? I hope so. It took me a few to type it out. I aim to please.

How John knew the Descendents, I don't know if I'll ever know. Maybe he'll find me someday and tell me.


Tim said...

I guess I totally didn't make the connection that you guys would have known (and better yet) been into the Highwaymen! (or did we talk about them Susan? help me out)Would the roadie have been named Eric? or as we knew him in New London, "the Honky-Tonk Man"? I remember he referred to his sister the "Hell-Beast" with the greatest affection of course! The Highwaymen would go on to some fame and fortune by moving to Austin and running into Springsteen. Troy is the only one still doing music these days, with his new CD called Long in the Sun out now and doing a lot of film work and animation as well. Quite a story indeed, Thanks!

The Know-All said...

We were totally into the Highwaymen! Great Dayton band, certainly way better than the later much-acclaimed Guided by Voices (who were playing local shows around this time 1985/85/87) And yes, I do believe that said roadie would have been "The Honky-Tonk Man". Actually, that is the only name I can remember for him. I don't remember the sister at all although apparently I went to Suzanne Vega with her.

Troy Campbell was always a nice guy, and I saw his band after the Highwaymen (the Loose Diamonds?) at some later dates.

The Know-All said...

Oh, and we probably did talk about the Highwaymen some time at Teddy's like 9 years ago. So we are both forgiven for not remembering that conversation.

Tim said...

Ah the Teddy's after softball factor, that would explain it! Back to the Honky Tonk Man, he was the road manager for Poi Dog Pondering for a number of years as well. A buddy of mine looked he and Troy up when he was in Austin a couple of months back and said he was doing great, working with somebody down there, can't recall who though. Mike is a family man these days and lives outside of Austin. Good bunch of guys, who seriously tore it up on every gig I was at!