Friday, June 22, 2007

God Boy Would Say No

One of the owners of my company (gay makeup artist) was asking me who #46 was on the Yankees -- as I am the go-to sports expert in my office of 25 women and gay men, go figure -- and was going on about how hot Pettitte is, blah blah blah.

The debate is if they can get him to pose for V Man, our "men's" magazine, i.e. gay men's magazine. But I just had to tell him.... Um, I don't think he'll do it because he thinks you gays are going to hell. He's got a pro-Jesus book out, and he does those weird late night commercials for Power For Living....

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Gina said...

I read that book. One of the few, of the thousands started, which I have finished. Andy Pettitte is a decent family man. Loves God and his wife and fam. I don't think he would outwardly condemn the magazine, but I think you could expect a pleasant letter of decline and maybe a free copy of POWER FOR LIVING.