Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Guest Blogger

Best paragraph I got in an blog-esque email today from my brother Chris in Dayton:

Its baseball season, the Reds and the Alter JV team suck. The Dragons [Dayton Single A Reds farm team] and Jake's [my 11-yr old nephew] team are great. Went to the Dragons game last week and they get it. They are well organized, know how to entertain, put on an event and oh by the way the team is decent. The Reds should take note.
Jake's playing baseball for the first time since he was about 6 and like the Dragons he gets it. Strong arm but needs to use better mechanics, good field sense, good glove, and can hit the hell out of the ball. The catcher got hurt so Jake moved to catcher and does a decent job especially never having played before. He is also very proud of his cup but that's no big surprise, all boys are.

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