Monday, August 04, 2008

DOB Shuts 'em Down

Studio B has been closed since Friday night because a lack of a Public Assembly Permit, for both floors. Shows scheduled through at least August 19th will not be held at the venue on Banker Street.

Is it snotty to say I told you so??

These folks thought they could break any law they wanted, do whatever they wanted, and no one would stop them. Well, they were WRONG with that assumption.

It's downright ugly to be so arrogant, but it's even more pathetic to be completely stupid. They bought this shitstorm right down on themselves.


andtheend. said...

i think it is safe to say you are a community activist.
ps. that is how obama got his start.
suz for prez.

Philip said...

righton, soulsistah! we're dealing with motherfucking ruskie mafiosos who opened a 4AM dance club for retards in the middle of our old cat lady/little kid neighborhood. stupid kids yelling out my window at 3AM and dicks flinging cancer butz off the "smoking patio" into the state park duck pond. nice. trying to kill them dead spooge style.

The Know-All said...

Ok, we are all officially old. Not in my backyard, mofos!

Philip said...

Get off my lawn you whippersnappers.