Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Chinese/Zhang Yimou part of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies was beautiful, powerful, perfectly executed, and as stunning to see as his movies Hero and House of Flying Daggers. (Both are must sees on a big screen, BTW.)

Then they get to the London part, as a preview of the 2012 Games. To whet our appetite, apparently, for cliches. The double decker bus comes along to pick up some extras from Godspell, and then wheel out Jimmie Page with some chick badly lip synching "Whole Lotta Love" to illustrate the "excitement" of these upcoming events in the UK.

First of all, thank god New York didn't get the Olympics. I seriously cannot imagine what a clusterfuck it would have made the entire city. Although on the plus side, there would have been beach volleyball courts 5 blocks from my house.

Secondly, the contrast between those two spectacles shows why the Chinese are going to rule the world.

10:22 Did the "Its a Small World" ride at Disneyworld throw up all over my TV?


Mike Kowal said...

haha - we said the same thing! Good thing that there is another Olympics between China and 2016 when Chicago could get them...but chicago still could have a blues brothers/michael jordan spectacular...

The Know-All said...

I read today in the paper that China spent $40 billion all told, which obviously does not include all the volunteers working for free. London has $21 billion for everything.

Uh oh.

Don't mess with China.