Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Slouching Towards Bethlehem

I'm off to Montreal in 2 hours to print V47. Two nights away with little sleep, back Thursday evening, Mom arrives Friday AM and then begins one of my favorite things of the year, the Derby Party on Saturday.

It's been amusing trying to organize my thoughts, make lists and avoid cracking up, but for now, there's too much to do, and I can't even think about planning the next thing until the prior stuff is completed. Very hard for little miss organized to do.

But in this order: Vienna. Kate. 12 hour train ride. Verona. Printing job. Day off. Milan. Blow off tentative date. Garden. Main Drag Party. Catch up with friends. More Garden. Catch up with work. Shrink. Make some phone calls. OK deck plans with carpenter. Montreal. V47. Hair appointment. Clean. Mom. Plan menu. Shop. Cook. Figure out Derby bets. Throw party. Muddle through hangover. Clean up ham/jello/mint bits from floor. Broadway play. Mom back to Ohio Monday PM.

Pass out cold on Tuesday. Until Anne arrives for a week in about 10 days.

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