Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fringe Benefits

It is cool or pathetic that on my 12th trip through the Montreal/ Dorval/ Pierre Trudeau airport in the past 18 months, the following happened?

1) The dude at customs said "oh, you come up here a lot for your magazine, right?"
2) The rental car guys at Enterprise upgraded me to the fanciest car they have, saying "we haven't seen you since March, and we want you to have a nicer car" Of course, I didn't mention to them that we continually rent there only because my assistant and I decided they were the cutest and nicest car-renters, but its swell we are all such pals now. Der.

If only I could get some airline employees to make sure I always get to sit in business class. Now that would be real pull.

Good news is my friend Dave is on the overnight shift tonight, so there's someone crank out good work with, and to talk to all evening.

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