Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Love Note

This was on my car's windshield yesterday morning:

Points to consider:
1) It's not two spots, but realistically and safely, one. And has been so for the past year and a half.
2) It's an unmarked spot half a block from my house i.e. there's no signs on the small island for street cleaning, so you never, ever have to move your car. Awesome. With semi-planned round robin, SL, Tim Hailey or I have held onto this coveted spot for about 6 months of the past year.
3) What kind of a douche takes the time to leave a NOTE disguised as a fake parking ticket????

Unreal. I love New York.


Mike Kowal said...

Please post a picture of said spot and let vox populi rule

jbird said...

OBVIOUSLY BOTH!! that is amazing! personally, I never park my car in that spot cause I've had a bad experience parking on corners. lemme tell you, there's nothing like waking up to your car totaled. I love that this person bothered to take their parking ticket envelope & ask if you are retarded or an asshole then calls you both. truly one for the books. I also saw your car with that ticket/note on it for at least two days & thought the free parking gig was done in... way to own it S & SL!

andtheend. said...

this made my day. you should maybe think about adding on to your car. like really big blow-up bumpers.