Friday, April 04, 2008

Bad Ass Johnny Cueto

Saw the highlights of this kid pitching last night, and WOW. Who knows if he can keep it up, but the form and speed were undeniable. Exciting stuff for a team that hasn't been in the playoffs since 1995. The Reds Nation is aflutter, or at least as much as anyone can be after the past 10+ years of disappointment.

He was in Single A this time last year.

CINCINNATI (AP) -- While Johnny Cueto blew away batters with a 96 mph fastball, his Cincinnati Reds teammates compared memories about the last time they'd seen anyone so young look so good the first time out.

The consensus: This was something special.

Cueto allowed nothing more than Justin Upton's solo homer in seven innings Thursday, striking out 10 in an overpowering debut while leading the Reds to a 3-2 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Full story here. Next up: Edinson Volquez on Sunday. In spring training, Cueto’s ERA was 5.09 and he walked 12 in 16 innings. Volquez had a 2.70 ERA, walking four in 20 innings while striking out 26. Cueto struck out 19.

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