Monday, March 31, 2008

Moleskine Love

While growing up, I was the nerdy little girl who played "office" instead of "house," so it's no surprise that I now make a living playing with paper, bindings, and ink. A stationary store in any country still makes me hyperventilate, and I feel that one can never have too many pens, notebooks or nifty paper products on hand.

One of my all-time favorites: Moleskine notebooks. An utter classic, I'm partial to the small, lined, reporter-style pocket notebook for daily use, but its seems that nearly everyone I've worked with over the years in the design community has their favorite (a sampling in the image above). With an elastic band to keep the book closed, a handy pocket inside the back cover, about 30 perforated pages at the end of the text, a waterproof cover, nice paper quality, AND lines to keep me straight, it's hard to find fault with the perfect notebook.

You can now personalize your Moleskine on both cover and spine with images of your choice via custom laser engraving. Very cool.

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