Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Eatin' Out - Radegast Beer Hall

113 N. 3rd St@Berry, Williamsburg
I had heard some describe the beer hall that opened up in Williamsburg in December as "Beer Disneyland" but my brother Mike in from Chicago, SL and I totally dug the place on a late Sunday afternoon.

Right across from the former Kokie's, it's huge, well-designed, warm, kid-friendly for all you parents, with about 15 beers on tap (in 1/2 and 1 litre sizes), a good wine list, and excellent, filling food. SL and I both had the moist braised bunny with red cabbage that must have been sauteed in some kind of animal fat it was so good, and my brother had a stuffed pork loin that came with fantastic homemade gnocchi on the side. Pasta and pork together - yum. Finish it off with root beer float, and what's not to like?

Will probably be a madhouse of idiots as the weather warms and you'll surely never get a buyback, but for a couple early evening drinks and dinner, color us impressed.

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retotted said...

color me sold. kalaya.