Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Licensed to Ill

The main reason I even came to Hong Kong was put off today after I begin vomiting violently overnight. Yes, I know this is fascinating to all my loyal readers. I was supposed to go into China at 8 am to start a press check but was so unbelieveably sick, I have been confined to my hotel room since it all began last night around 8pm. I started seriously freaking out that I would not be able to work at all, which was going to be really bad for me if I wasted the whole trip and didn't do what I needed to.

Fortunately, the hotel with the shoddy logo was great. They found me a western-trained doctor nearby, made an appointment for first thing this morning, and $50 later, (totally reasonable you'll note, even without any insurance in this country!) I am well stocked with pills that have made all the difference. I never heard this before, but the doc said I could have been infected with something as long ago as two weeks back. SL didn't get sick at all and we had the exact same food all week, so who knows where it came from. Possibly my lowered resistance from the other body issues made it worse for me.

This is surprisingly the first time I've gotten really sick while traveling and eating all kinds of food I'm not used to off the street and wherever else. Having SL with me made a HUGE difference, with someone around to take care of me and run out to get some supplies that I can almost now keep down. And thank god I wasn't all up into China when this started.

Beyond not being able to work and putting off what I need to do into tomorrow and Friday, the crap part is that we don't get to go to the night horse races at Happy Valley tonight (imagine if a 125+ year old track like Belmont was in smack in the middle of midtown, that's what it looks like), or go on the ferry to Macau on Friday. Boo.


andtheend. said...

thank you for taking time out of your exorcism to post.

The Know-All said...

I'm cured as of Thursday am, and I didn't even have to take any ground up dog penises or whatever to fix it. God bless a former British colony with western-trained doctors.