Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Leapling, P2

Turns out Finn Glaser was not a Leapling after all. He was born at 10:30 pm on Thursday. For those of you who know (of) Signe (aka The Reluctant Mother, as I've titled her pregnancy book sure to come) I'll let her explain it:

It was fucking crazy. I took a bath on Thurs where my water broke (and I didn’t notice) and then I had some mild contractions and pretty soon I was howling like a banshee. Josh drove through all the lights on the way to the hospital and when we got there I was dilated to 8. We were basically waiting for my doc to get there (also speeding through traffic on his motorcycle) so he could tell me to push. 45 min later and no drugs, Finn! I burst the blood vessels in my eyes, face, and shoulders. Nice.

God forbid anyone should induce HIM. Guess mom and son like to do things our way. He’s off to a fine start.

Ah, motherhood!

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