Saturday, March 01, 2008


•GLASSES: With red frames, that I fear make me look like a weird old artsy Italian woman. I feel very fancy after casting off my busted five-year old pair.

•JOB: Filling in for the manufacturing director on maternity leave for a few months at Art + Auction, Modern Painters and Culture + Travel. All three are part of a company called Louise Blouin Media. Only working three flexible days a week so as not to cut into my life of leisure.

•TRIP: SL and I are going to Hong Kong in March 13th for ten days while I print the latest issue of Visionaire. Trips to Guangzhou, China, Macau for gambling, and the two Hong Kong horse tracks including the Hong Kong Derby (!) are on the card, as well as tons of amazing food. I love Hong Kong, and suspect it will be even better with company this time.

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