Monday, June 02, 2008


For those of you keeping track at home (or, like Retotted, actually present), it's been a year since SL became more than just some guy I-sort-of-had- known-forever- that-hung-out-at -dog-bar.

As I say as a regular one-liner when people ask how we met: "I thought he was a dirty drunk freak, and he thought I was too fancy for him. Turns out we were both right." Who knew then it would turn out to be such a great and lasting fit for both of us?? It's been a blessed year. (Hi Baby!!!)


andtheend. said...

what. you want a gift?

The Know-All said...

Yes. I believe in Brooklyn one receives a rusted tin ceiling panel with 6 layers of chipping lead paint.

ope said...