Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Missing the Triple

Another year, another failed Triple Crown. Find myself wondering if the lack of his regular steroid shot on the 15th caused Big Brown's utter failure, or if Dutrow put 100gs on Da Tara at 34-1 and called it a day. I'm waiting for the announcement that something is wrong with the horse, and that he'll be retired without racing again. Horses just don't tank that bad without SOME reason.

Either way, easily the most anticlimactic missed Triple of the four I've seen in the past seven years. Still: great day, great undercard to lose your shirt on, and great company (SL, GregBennetts, Julia, Tania and Ramona in this year's version), barring the fact that half the bathrooms were inoperable on Belmont's biggest day of the year. And that I had to say goodbye to Haas and Brooks right before heading to the race,

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