Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Scotty Hard Supper Club Comes to Greenpoint!

As many of you know, my dear friend Scott Harding was seriously injured in a car accident on February 15 2008, and left paralyzed from the chest down. Like so many, he has no health insurance and untold costs have been incurred as he continues to work his way through rehab. Please join us for a backyard meal cooked by Millicent Souris with all proceeds going towards Scott's medical bills, and the Scotty Hard Trust.

The Place:
My backyard -- Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

The Date:
Sunday, July 13, 2008. 7 PM.

The Chef: Millicent Souris, Egg

Formerly at Queen's Hideaway in Greenpoint, now at Egg in Williamsburg, and a returning judge at the annual apple pie contest at Enid's on Manhattan Avenue, Millicent Souris is famous throughout the borough for her mastery of artisanal ingredients and techniques – especially Southern-style eats, down-home pastry, and drop-dead delicious biscuits.

The Host: Susan Kowal, Visionaire Magazine.

The Menu: Assorted tea sandwiches, pig's head salad, and goose liver pate with radishes, seasonal southern-style pickles, cheese grits with fresh peas and mint, chilled melon soup, grilled apricot chicken thighs, greenmarket corn & jicama salad, and a mighty fine fresh pie.

The Wine: A selection of Old World wines from small, farm-based producers, courtesy of Farmstead Wines' Anthony Nicalo.

The Price: A suggested donation of $70. All net proceeds go to the Scotty Hard Trust.

to susanekowal (at) yahoo (dot) com. 20 seats available.
First come first served!

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