Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dear Record Geek

I was very pleased to get a last-minute invite last night to the Ray Davies show at the Supper Club. First of all, Ray rules. Always and forever. In spite of the fact that I had been up since 4 AM and then found myself standing around in a place that was chock-full of old dudes randomly hollering "WHOO!!" and "RAY DAVIES!!!" in the middle of quiet songs, still just damn good. He was a little schlocky, where his stage persona suddenly seemed to come straight off a Benny Hill episode with soundtrack to match, and we had to hear some stuff of his new album (not bad but not so good either). But Ray did enough songs like 20th Century Man, Oklahoma USA, Sunny Afternoon and Johnny Thunder to make me still love him. He's always a great presence on stage - funny, personable and totally entertaining.

After seeing the crowd (90% men/10% women) last night, it made me want to post a Missed Connection on Craig's List that would read something like this:
We saw each other across the room at the Ray Davies show. You were singing along to every word. You were around 6 feet tall, slightly balding with graying hair and glasses. I think you were with 2 other guys, and none of you were drinking. I think you had on a shirt from the Kinks tour in 1982.
I'd probably get about 65 responses.

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