Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Emasculators R Us

Since I've been veering dangerously into total chick territory over the past few days talking about cats and babies, I thought I'd continue the trend with a link to this article on dating in the NY Observer.

We are told there's a trend of professional women dating "down". Other than the fact that I have an invisible sign on me that says "Foreign-born carpenters talk to me" with the tally at six or seven in a quick non-scientific count, I wouldn't know anything about this. Christ - you like who you like and maybe, just maybe, women sometimes find themselves being into men who don't meet every single requirement on the apparently invisible chart-of-qualities we all carry around in our heads.

Stupidheads. A non-professional job does not an idiot make. And its not about someone's job or bank account - its about boys being nice to you, and appreciating the fact that you are one hell of a gal. Well, that and having a really cute accent to go along with great arms.

That not having a driver's license thing really irks me, though.

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