Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eatin' Out - Pho Grand

277C Grand Street at Forsyth
I never understood Pho. I thought -- Wow, a big boring bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup: no big whoop. Check me out, I can make some soup! Please give me bbq pork, or salt-n-pepper squid when I have Vietnamese...

I was obviously retarded, and Grand Pho is the reason I have changed my mind. The Xe Lua (#1, Combination Extra Big Bowl Beef Soup Six Differences Brisket, Navel, Frank, Omosa Tendon & Eye or Round) is amazing. Essentially, six kinds of beef (one coming as rare as can be) in a deeply rich and satisfying beef broth with noodles, bean sprouts, green onions and as much hot sauce as you can stand. Number 13, the pork Pho, is also great. Any day this winter it's been cold and rainy, I have been ordering in from these guys. Total deal: $5.25 for something hand, toe and soul-warming. I'll give Kaplan the credit for sussing this one out from the Voice.

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