Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Past Few Weeks

Review of Vieques, PR / Dec 25th to Jan 1st:
85 degrees, sunny every day, very chilled out, more expensive than expected, gorgeous beaches, read a lot of books and spent much quality time with the lovely Kate Gleason.
Rating: A-

Review of Montreal, Canada / Jan 4th to Jan 9th:
Freezing, stayed in the Fairmont downtown where John-n-Yoko had their "Bed-In" in the 70s. Very nice hotel, seems like a cool city but didn't get to see anything but the printer and three Bennigan's-like restaurants near the plant. Press check at the new printer was rough as it gets, no sleep for nearly two days at a stretch, almost had a nervous breakdown but magazine is done and looks pretty good. And Canadians know no sense of urgency
Rating: C.

P.S. New Yorkers are always that impatient asshole sighing with frustration, no matter where they go.

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Tim McDonough said...

The I must have married the only Canadien with an overdeveloped sense of "urgency"! Either that or she caught it from living in NYC!