Monday, January 23, 2006

One Vice Down

I went to the dermatologist a couple weeks back because even though I am 36, I am apparently doomed to get ugly, painful, cystic acne for the rest of my life. Well, Miss Smarty-Pants-About- Everything-Skin learned something new: coffee can cause skin problems. Since I've been drinking a strong cup or two of coffee daily for about 20 years, wouldn't it be completely genius if something so simple was causing the problem?

I decided to do something good for myself, and switched over to the much-touted miracle drink, green tea, about 2 weeks ago. Jury's still out on if it's doing anything for my skin, but at least I won't get about 6 kinds of cancer, heart disease, or gain weight. Maybe its special powers will give me that long-hoped for superpower of teleportation. Plus, it's apparently cool, and a great interest (obsession?) to have if working in Chinatown. A million different kinds of green tea in every store. Proving to be very fond of Lemon Green Tea. The caffeine withdrawal from super-charged espressos wasn't even that bad, at least if you don't count sleeping through an entire weekend.

Do you think this offsets the Jameson's and sodas I had by the gallon over the weekend?

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