Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Eatin' Out - PT

331 Bedford btw S.2nd/S.3rd

Monday night a couple weeks back found me with my own version of Sex and the City (Gina, Kate and Helen) chowing down at PT in Williamsburg.

With the arrival of Will and Gina's new family addition in William Arthur Croxton IV on September 12th (that's him i.e. one of the cutest babies in the history of babydom above in the festive fall photo), Monday has been set up as Gina's night off from mommydom, with the handover of WAC4 to Dad and his crew of Monday Night Football-watching boys and dads.

Actually, "chowing down" is somewhat of a misnomer, since we all left still feeling hungry and like we wanted to fill up on a pizza immediately after dinner. Run by the same folks who own the much beloved D.O.C. (or at least, much beloved by all my wine-swilling, cheese-eating girlfriends), PT is as rustic and cute inside as D.O.C. The menu is rustic Italian (maybe Sardinian like D.O.C.?) and is more fleshed out than their first restaurant, with full-on entrees and appetizers. The wait staff was fun, and the food tasty, but the portions small and the menu fairly limited. For what we were paying, we all should have rolled out of there stuffed. Instead, PT was a purveyor of the "high price/small portion" cuisine that I really hate. It's too bad, because I really wanted to like it.

It's quite typically 'romantico' inside but you'd have to order about 10 dishes to fill up. I'd say it was a good date place, if I dated anyone who could actually afford to spring for dinner. And if I wanted to eat like a horse in front of a date.

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