Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Images from Asia

Been meaning to put these up for a while but time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping... Captions are a bitch to format on Blogger so here's the rundown.

First series: Ubiquitous market images, these from a great market in Can Tho, including a tray of frogs trying to jump for their lives so someone doesn't fry them up and eat their little chicken legs, and a lady whose friends dragged me over to photograph her so that she would be totally annoyed by me taking her picture.

Next are a series from the Mekong River Delta boat tour. We've got a typical Vietnamese house along the river shot from the back, a lady doing her laundry as us rich white folk cruise by on a tour that cost more than she makes in a month, and a shot to show the houses on the riverfront with a million TV antennas. No running water in some places in Vietnam, but always a TV. God bless the Western world.

Floating market on the Mekong. Tons of boats are moored in one area and tied together so you can motor up and either climb aboard or get handed over the water what you need. A little hard to see on this shot, but on the vertical bamboo poles, the sellers string up bananas, dragonfruits, longans, clothing, electrical equipment, whatever it is they are selling.

Here we have myself and my 3-day travelling companions, the lovely Mirelle and her husband Stefano of Milan, Italy, in our boat. Mirelle is originally from the Baltimore area, and they were a real blessing to hook up with for this portion of the trip. Plus, a picture of a giant fish we shared at lunch that came from the area.

Lastly, a photo of the hut (and the view from the front of the hut to the ocean) that I hid out for three nights in an attempt to relax and become sane again in. $28 a night at Mai House Resort on Phu Quoc Island including hot water, a ginormous spider in my shower and amazing made-to-order breakfast. Phu Quoc is 2 hours off the southwest coast between Vietnam and Cambodia. Very mellow place, with nothing at all to do. I didn't leave this 100 yard area for the entire time I was here except to walk up the beach when I couldn't stand reading and getting massages from the local Vietnamese ladies anymore. Many beers were quaffed while gazing at the ocean from the porch of the Rainbow Bar with an Australian couple who were travelling with their 2 teenage daughters for 3 months across SE Asia. Phu Quoc is waiting to blow up and be discovered by the tourist masses. There was really no one there, although late August is the off-season....

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