Monday, October 23, 2006

The Rules of Buybacks

I had no idea there were so many rules for getting buybacks in NYC bars. I've become spoiled and used to every third or fourth drink being on the house, so much that I start to get a little huffy when I go to other cities, and I'm still paying full price on my 5th drink. I mean, not that I'd have 5 drinks in one sitting, EVER...

Friends visiting NYC always seem surprised at the regularity of the buyback, but I almost think of it as a godgiven right to deal with the stresses of the city, especially at places where I am/have been a semi-regular. I forget that it's one of those nice unwritten rules of The City you don't become aware of until you live here.

It's simple: you tip a buck or two a drink, smile, be friendly and patient to your bartender, empathize when they have to deal with a jerk customer or when their team is losing, tip at least double on the freebies, and the drinks will start to flow like honey.

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