Monday, February 19, 2007

Griffey Better. Ha. Ha.

I've always been sucker for sure about Junior and still want to believe, even after its obvious to all that dude is done (and has been pretty much from the time he came to the Reds back in 2000) but only he would injure himself playing with his kids on his frickin' yacht.

What's weird is that this story is now being reported as some sort of big news on the AP wire when this is exactly what he said happened, back around Christmas when the injury occurred. Or so reported the best Reds writer, Hall of Famer Hal McCoy from the Dayton Daily News. Cripes, it's so lame and so typical of how it's been for the Reds for the past 7-odd years, how could it not be true?? Plus, Junior's not a cheater or liar. Just a has been.

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